Blockchain Syndicate Accelerator

The time has come to enter the Web 3 realm of crypto-economic networks, governed by glocal communities, riding on a new breed of Blockchain Ventures Catalyst.

Announcing Blockchain Syndicate Accelerator

Blockchain Syndicate Accelerator (BSA) is a digital business ecosystem, designed to enhance early adoption of blockchain technology, to foster tokenization of industry/market assets and value chains, and to implement sustainable development of blockchains, Smart Contracts, DApps and DAOs.

BSA mission is to boost the transition to a decentralized, shared Web 3.0 economy.

BSA Team & Network

In Dec 2017, BSA concept surfaced in a venture studio, providing proto Blockchain Syndication as a Service. It gathered a core team of like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, digital strategists, and e-business veterans, looking to incubate portfolio of decentralized initiatives. The gaining crypto ICO momentum has extended the list of opportunities and stakeholders, in a matter of weeks, and a logical progression has evolved. Today, BSA navigates a distributed team and network of more than 50 cross-industry full-stack experts and advisers.


BSA aims to diminish and eliminate the information asymmetry factor, providing a digital environment that enables syndication and facilitates agreement and collaboration between all the stakeholders and 3rd parties involved.

BSA aims to compress and neutralize the possible emergence of a blockchain and crypto-currency recession, typical for any technological surge hype cycle, usually between Installation and Deployment periods, during techno-economic paradigms shifting.

Main Focus

BSA agenda is to engage stakeholders from target industries/markets with high blockchain tech adoption rates, and from underserved segments/niches/geographies with a strong utilization demand generated, but with no or limited access to infrastructure and expertise.

BSA states a specific interest in products and solutions focused on the well-known fundamental challenges with public blockchains:

  • Limited scalability
  • Limited privacy
  • Lack of formal contract verification
  • Storage constraints
  • Unsustainable consensus mechanisms
  • Lack of governance and standards
  • Inadequate tooling
  • Quantum computing threat
  • Other

Core Stakeholders

  • Startups/Projects Co-Founders and Team Members
  • Service/Technology/Infrastructure Providers
  • Experts/Advisors/Consultants
  • Investors (Business Angels, VC + Private Non-Accredited)

Target Markets (TBA)


Q2 2018 – Accelerator Programs (On Demand) – No cohorts, waves or opportunity windows, but 24/7/365 application and evaluation process (based on target market/segment, product/solution prop and ROI evaluation, team diversity, and background, etc).

Accepted projects/teams get custom developed Accelerator Programs, tailored to their stakeholders’ needs. Accelerator Programs grant guidance from BSA expert network panel and provide access to shared infrastructure and service stacks from BSA and partners. Projects/teams successfully completed Accelerator Programs get an optimal exposure to multiple funding opportunities: syndicated investments, equity crowdfunding, ICO crowdsales, and BSA Capital Funds.

Q3 2018 – BSA Capital Fund 01– A fund dedicated to BSA launch of operations and post-launch acceleration of infrastructure, DApps development, and projects/teams funding. BSA Fund 01 raise from LPs, Business Angels, and VCs is currently ongoing.

Q3 2018 – BSA Utility Token ICO – ERC20 token will be generated and distributed through pre-sale and crowdsale, granting its holders access to BSA platform services, shared infrastructure, and DApps, also motivating responsible use and governance of the BSA assets. A pre-agreed size of the token post-ICO market cap will be allocated to BSA Capital Fund 01 for projects/teams investments.

Q4 2018 – Multi-side Platform/DApps System Launch – Essential features and tools are entity/project foundation, stakeholders agreement and syndication, collaboration rewards, performance-based service and infrastructure utilization, and funding opportunities exploration.

Q1 2019 – Proof of Future Value Protocol (PoFV) – an Ethereum based Smart Contract meta-consensus protocol algorithm, developed to enable data/performance/volatility/reward/signal based prognostics and evaluation of any digital asset (cryptocurrency, product, commodity, entity market cap/pricing).

BSA Partner Stack (TBA)


Get your project into accelerated production, raise funding or make a syndicated investment

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